Dinner and Show Acts

Did you know that there are more theatre tickets sold in Minneapolis/St. Paul than any other place in the US other than New York?   Minnesota has always loved entertainment-- great and small.  We represent several traveling musical revues designed to be performed with a minimum of staging and costuming to make them practical for such events as corporate dinners, conventions, country clubs and small regional arts venues. You can book a wide range of show themes featuring anywhere from a solo up to a small troupe of performers.  Performances generally last from 30 up to 90 minutes. Give us a call to discuss your theme!


  • Bon Vivant Combo offers a wonderful array of options to featuring from one musician up to five pieces playing the great romantic music of the world. This group can be instrumental or with vocals playing Gypsy Music, American Pop Music, Jazz and Indie Pop music.  They regularly perform at local... Read More

  • Concerts and Musical Tribute Shows' featuring Bruce Henry and his band:
  • Half Windsor offers everything you need in a flexible, contemporary group ranging in size from two up to seven pieces as you needs and budget dictate.  Build the band to accomodate your needs and budget! All options include an incredible vocalist that doubles on sax who has shared the stage with... Read More

  • Minneapolis String Ensemble offers several classy and exciting options to match your entertainment needs and budget!  Whether you are looking for a string quartet, trio, duo for your wedding reception or any other special event there are great choices ranging from straight classical music to... Read More

  •   Nat King Cole Tribute ;Straighten Up and Fly Right
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