Bruce Henry Dance Band

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The full monty; The Bruce Henry Band with a horn section!

Bruce Henry Band portrait; Credit: Laurie Schneider Photography

Foxy Lady; U of M President's Club Holiday Party

Bruce Henry Dance Band

Did you know Bruce Henry, the regionally and nationally renowned vocalist has a dance band based right here in the Twin Cities? Heads turn and a collective “wow”  is palpable when the man sings. Then there’s his crack band in sumptuous counterpoint, horns blaring into the night, its locomotion carrying the party to culmination. Woooeee! This exciting band is available from 6 to 14 pieces to accommodate your budget and plays a variety of American popular music from the 1940’s to a very extensive list of current hits.  (check out their song list and click the audio tab to hear their Current Hits Medley!)

The 6 piece instrumentation is: Bass, Drums, Keys, Guitar, female vocalist and Bruce as the male vocalist. The 7th piece is sax. We usually recommend at least one horn! Trombone and trumpet are then usually added next. This adds the call and response that make everything from Big Band/Swing  through Motown up to current music sound like the original record. You can bring the band up to 14 pieces adding another vocalist, percussionist and three more horns, ala Sinatra or Bobby Darin. It’s a depth of sound that you will never forget!

Other Wedding Services: You can add solo piano or a trio for cocktails or dinner music. During the band breaks or before the band performs, our technician can play our stock CDs, or we can play the songs you want from any any CD or iPod play list you give us.