Straighten Up and Fly Right! (Nat King Cole Tribute)

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Maurice Jaycox

Straighten Up and Fly Right! (Nat King Cole Tribute)


Straighten Up and Fly Right!—A Tribute to Nat King Cole

This one-of-a-kind production explores the genius of this unique entertainer and a hit-filled career spanning the decades from 1939 to 1962.  This thoroughly researched production and its meticulous arrangements accurately convey the sound and the stylings of Nat King Cole.  In song and narration, it captures a tumultuous and transformative period in America and of a creative and influential musician who shape and was in turn shaped by his times.

The show stars the award winning Maurice Jacox, supported by five talented instrumentalists and a vocal duo who assist as narrators.  The instrumental ensemble—guitar, bass, drums, sax and keys—recreate the full spectrum of Cole’s group sound, from jazz trio to big band.  The show treats the audience to nineteen beloved hit including Route 66, Ramblin Rose, Mona Lisa, Unforgettable and many more!  The production usually includes 1950’s furniture and costumes.  This lively show entertains, enlightens and transports the audience to another time.


Here are some facts about the show:

*Running time: two 45 minutes Sets separated by a 15 minute intermission 

*Musical Instrumentation:  Bass, Drums, keyboards, guitar, sax, 2 female vocals and vocalist Maurice Jaycox ( 8 pc.)  Adding a four piece arranged string section is optional

*In Production since 2005

*Venues we have performed in: Theaters , Casinos, Performing Art Centers and more…