The Modd Squad

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Modd Squad photo
Optional sax and other horns to band adds a distinctive edge to the sound and the energy level!

Getting "Carried Away"!! Credit: Cheri Rice

A light sprinkling of ballads puts a sweetness in the air!

The Modd Squad shows there's no substitute for a great live band!

Deb, George and David taking it "over the edge"

Crowd at a recent Modd Squad wedding reception

Tony's get the nuances! Credit: Jenny Hamborg

Modd Squad Rocks Solera! Credit: Jenny Hamborg

The Modd Squad

We have some very good news for entertainment buyers who are searching for a youthful band that can deliver high-quality renditions of American popular dance music. We are pleased to introduce The Modd Squad. This group will take your guests on a journey through the musical landscapes of Frank Sinatra to Outkast -from Aretha Franklin to Alicia Keys- from Steppenwolf to Justin Timberlake. Their mission: insuring a jumpin’ good time is had by all!

The Modd Squad was brought to fruition under the tutelage of the renowned vocalist and bandleader, Bruce A. Henry.   Handpicking three charismatic vocalists and a high-energy back-up band, he complimented them with some of the best horn arrangements in the business to create what promises to be the gold-standard for the next generation of dance bands.

There are five size options with this group beginning with the seven piece version: Bass, drums, keyboards, guitar, 2 female vocalists and 1male vocalist. The optional 8th piece adds a sax. From there you can build the band to 15 pieces adding trombone, trumpet, 2nd male vocalist, baritone sax, alto sax, a 2nd trumpet and percussionist.

The Modd Squad looks forward to being an integral part of your special event, be it a wedding reception, corporate party or any occasion that can be enhanced with the best in live music.

Other Services: With the Modd Squad, you can add solo piano or a trio for cocktails or dinner music. During the band breaks or before the band performs, our technician can play our stock CDs, or we can play the songs you want from any CD or iPod playlist you give us.