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After you feast your ears and eyes on the PopLuxe and check out their attractive pricing, you will probably feel that your quest for your perfect band has been answered with a resounding “oh yeah!” The idea is to harness the power of the best soul singers on the local music scene in tandem with a sophisticated back-up band to deliver the real thing to your highsteppin’ guests! And what a musical menu to choose from: Katy Perry, Michael Buble, Michael Jackson, Journey, The Temptations, Frank Sinatra, and more.

The PopLuxe band offers several sizes to accommodate your function and budget;  The smallest size is 6 pieces; bass, drums, keys, sax/windsynthesizer, a male vocalist who doubles on guitar and a female vocalist. (Note: The wind synthesizer has the capability of sounding like horns, horn sections, strings and even percussion!)  The 7 piece is; bass, drums, keys, sax/wind synthesizer, guitar, male vocalist and female vocalist. You can build the band to 10 pieces by adding two more horns and a second male vocalist.

Other Services: With PopLuxe, you can add solo piano or a trio for cocktails or dinner music. During the band breaks or before the band performs, our technician can play our stock CDs, or we can play the songs you want from any CD or iPod playlist you give us.

You can book select musicians from this group for background music, wedding ceremonies and other functions.  See The MIchael Kay  Combo  page for more information.  Usually 2-4 musicians from the band.  Usually playing instrumental music,   but it is possible to book the group in 4 or more pieces making it a highbred group to perform dance music, depending your needs.  Great for small corporate and private gatherings!