Bruce Henry/Concerts & Musical Tribute Shows'

"Bruce Henry is even mellower than Nat King Cole"   --The London Financial Times
Doc Severinson
To a packed house at Minnesota Orchestra's Weekender Pop's Series after Bruce finished Sting's "Fields Of Gold", " I think Sting wrote that song for Bruce's voice!" Doc Serveinson,  Band Leader for The Tonight Show Orchestra
Bruce A. Henry vocalist
"Vocalist Bruce A. Henry sounds very much like a forward extension of that tradition, a carrying on of the things Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield were doing as the decade of the sixties drew to a close, bringing in a jazz spirit and an uplifting Afro-Centrism into a soul/blues/jazz mix. And that is a very good thing." Dan McClenaghan -Allaboutjazz
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