The Sevilles-283

“We hired The Sevilles for my daughter's wedding this past weekend and what a great time we had. They kept the crowd engaged throughout the entire night and really put on a show as well. They are a lot of fun, play tons of crowd pleasers, musicians come out in the middle of the floor and mix with the guests, and we had people up dancing to the very end of the night. I had literally dozens of people come up to us throughout the night to tell me how fantastic they were. From teenagers to seniors, the Sevilles were able to cater to all age groups.

The Sevilles-

“HOLY MOLEY!!!!!!!!  Michael, we had the BEST time at our wedding and your band was AWESOME!!!! We received SO MANY compliments and really feel like you guys brought your A+++++++++ game. We couldn't have asked for better music--Brian's surprise first dance was amazing! Honestly, we can't thank you enough for such a perfect party--from Purple Rain to the Hava Nagila to Wonderful World everything was perfect. 

Do you have public sites where I can sing your praises to the masses? Absolutely amazing night!”

The Sevilles-


“The Sevilles rocked it as usual.  They are amazing and give everything they have to the crowd.  They made the night perfect. Mike Kearney even called me ahead to time to be sure that we had everything we needed. He is truly wonderful to work with!”

James Michael, Guitar & Vocalist For Wedding and Private Parties-

“You were a fabulous addition to the party!  When you were only just warming up the host exclaimed at how good you were.  I got multiple people stopping to say how wonderful the music was.  We will absolutely keep you on for future events and will let other clubs and friends know.  Please feel free to use the comments and thank you again for sharing your music with us!”!

Tribute To Prince


Tribute to Prince

Musicians Unlimited offers a Minnesota based Tribute to Prince in an all-star band.  Many of these musicians shared the stage and recorded with our hometown legend.  You can book the group as small as 6 or 8 pieces and feature exclusively Prince music or segue to a variety or other soul and funk music that made the Minneapolis Sound so famous.  


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