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James Michael, Guitar & Vocalist For Wedding and Private Parties

From his formal studies of Classical and Brazilian guitar to his many years performing in several local dance bands and ensembles, James offers a deep repertoire that spans from the Renaissance to ethnic to contemporary popular music.

The Magpies

The Magpies are an expandable ensemble from 2 to 5 pieces making the perfect “arty” enhancement to your corporate event, country club, fundraiser or private party.  The only rule is it’s got to be good music;  A typical evening’s musical flight could cover the musical landscapes of Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones,  Elvis, Hank Williams to Bob Dylan.

The Modd Squad

We have some very good news for entertainment buyers who are searching for a youthful band that can deliver high-quality renditions of American popular dance music.  Consider The Modd Squad for your wedding or special event!  This group will take your guests on a rockin' ride to the best in popular dance music featuring artists like Bruno Mars, Usher, DNCE and Taylor Swift.  No worries about pleasing all age groups-- cause they can reach back and play everything from the 1940's through the 1990's as well. Check out their amazing song list!!

Bruce Henry Dance Band

Did you know Bruce Henry, the regionally and nationally renowned vocalist has a dance band based right here in the Twin Cities? Heads turn and a collective “wow”  is palpable when the man sings. Then there’s his crack band in sumptuous counterpoint, horns blaring into the night, its locomotion carrying the party to culmination. Woooeee! This exciting band is available from 6 to 14 pieces to accommodate your budget and plays a variety of American popular music from the 1940’s to a very extensive list of current hits.

The Sevilles

The Sevilles;  Are one of the best variety dance bands in Minneapolis, Minnesota!  They have been nominated Best Live Band year after year by Minnesota Bride Magazine’s readers poll, shared the stage with national acts, president’s, celebrities and visiting dignitaries. A quick glance at their superlative and gushing Client Testimonials, however brings home that this band has a special talent for bringing people together, and putting their event in the spotlight, front and center.


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